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The Fit For Purpose eBook is a simple Healthcheck that will describe what it is like in the current marketplace. Your challenge is to establish which of the 5 core areas reflects your productivity and performance levels at the moment, chances are you will sit with one core area and have tendencies that sit in others as well. If you are not where you thought you were or where you would like to be what are you going to do to make changes?

Expert Advice from Top Speakers to Build Your Speaking Career. Revealed: the Secrets of How to Build a Successful Professional Speaking Business! If you want to be a successful speaker, this book will take you there! This unique collection of tips and strategies from some of the Uk's most successful speakers will show you exactly how to: become known as a 'speaker of choice', make more money every time you speak, generate lots more speaking engagements, deliver more compelling, entertaining speeches, featuring the collective wisdom of seasoned speakers who have been there and done it, this book contains all the secrets to make you one of the highest paid and in demand public speakers around!