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This book is written for people like you and me - individuals who are great at what they do, have so much to give and achieve, with amazing amounts of raw potential. Unfortunately we are also brilliant at creating obstacles to put in our way, doing the doing while still not achieving. We find other things to occupy ourselves with rather than just getting on and doing what it is needed or we just plod along in the same old way when a change or new approach would achieve so much more.

I believe that a change in habits and focus can be achieved if we simply stop “faffing about”! We can create the space and time we need to become truly effective in all that we do. If you think you are great at everything, guess what? You’re not! This book is guaranteed to refresh, remind and rekindle your passion, purpose and direction to focus on what really should be done. You only need just one of the thoughts, reminders or suggestions within the book to generate an additional 20 minutes a day for yourself that would have otherwise been spent “faffing about”. Twenty minutes a day is equivalent to TWO working weeks per year!

The word “faff” doesn’t exist in a dictionary; it is a made-up word that is common in the UK and a few other English-speaking countries across the world. The verb ‘to faff’ means quite simply to busy oneself doing things other than those which one set out to do. When I describe faffing in business terms, I refer to it as non-productive time, time that is used up on activities that are neither productive nor helpful to the business: the false art of feeling fulfilled. These activities that use up time, energy and resources with little or no reward are “time pirates”.

Being busy is a given – running a business and working within a busyness is a choice. By improving productivity and reducing the amount of faffing about, we “make busyness profitable”. We all have the same number of hours in the day, what we choose to create from our productive time during those hours is up to us. Saving just a small amount of time everyday can seriously improve our productivity, be that personally or professionally.

The book will introduce you to the four core effectiveness development zones, the four Ps of productivity which make up the Productivity Triangram.

FAFF, the book, is light-hearted in its approach, yet it contains a very serious message. By eliminating just twenty minutes of faff time every day, you will gain two additional weeks of productivity every year. Everyone can find an idea or a gem that is pertinent to them, the challenge is to implement them, and for most this will only involve changing the odd habit and finding a clearer focus. When you stop faffing about you can create and achieve so much more.

"The secrets of increased effectiveness, productivity and making 'busyness' profitable."

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