Stop Faffing About – The Power of doing without Achieving

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The False Art of Feeling Fulfilled

Are you in control or are life's distractions getting in the way of you achieving your personal and business goals?

Can you honestly say that you are productive all of the time?

What tactics do you use every day to avoid, distract or hold you back from achieving more?

Are you busy doing rather than achieving?

Discover that when the four Ps of productivity are working together you will become amazing, you will stop faffing about and get on with it.

FAFFometer Calculator

  • Discover how much time you could recover with simple changes to your workstyle
  • Easy to use calculator puts you back in control!
  • Find out how distractions are costing you

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What people say about the book

As a champion faffer, this is the perfect book for me. Well written and some great tips to put into practice straight away. This is a must read. Clear and concise...

Colin Durrant

I am one of life's great faffers! This book really tells you everything I do ( and many other people!) to divert attention away from what really needs doing and then gives you the strategies to get things done anyway! It really has helped me to learn to be more productive.

Mark Saunders